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The Fabric Of The World

10 min. |  Italy  | US Premiere


Cristina Picchi

A dialogue between the phases of sustainable textile weaving and the cycle of natural elements that unite textiles and life itself, like the myth of the three fates. The clothing industry is one of the world’s worst polluters, and another way of conceiving fashion - and beauty - is possible.

Finding Home In Boomtown

80 min.  |  USA  | California Premiere


Matt Maxwell

Briana & John-Mark Echols’ dream is to build a tiny house community for the homeless of Midland - a West Texas oil town that is the nation’s 2nd wealthiest city. Filmed over a period of two years, the story starts as the couple sells their newly built, custom home and most of their possessions, move into an RV, and commit their lives to helping the homeless.

The Forgotten War

53 min. |  USA |  Palm Desert Premiere


Daniel Bernardi

As World War II came to a close, the once colonized Korea was split at the 38th parallel by allied forces. The Korean war, the forgotten war, saw three years of heavy combat on the small Korean peninsula, ending in a stalemate and an armistice that still remains open today.


2 min. |  USA  |  California Premiere


Brendan Arena

Flicker is a young matchstick who finally witnesses what happens to matches outside the box. Upon seeing his friend go up in flames, Flicker fears for his life as he is pulled out of his home. He escapes, but must choose to survive or to sacrifice himself for his brother.


28 min.  |  Finland  |  SoCal Premiere


T. Freundlich, V. Raekallio

Two friends journey to the end of the earth, in order to dance in the polar wilderness of Svalbard. En route, they explore the history of our ideas of the Arctic, along with the grand questions of life, art and our place in the world. We are taken on an engaging journey to a place where few have been and even fewer have danced.

Fast Horse

14 min. |  USA | Palm Desert Premiere


Alexandra Lazarowich

We follow the return of the Blackfoot bareback horseracing tradition in a new form: the Indian Relay. Siksika horseman Allison Red Crow struggles to build a team with second-hand horses and a new jockey, Cody Big Tobacco, to take on the best riders in the Blackfoot Confederacy at the Calgary Stampede.

Flower And The Girl

9 min. | UK | Palm Springs Premiere


Robin Heap

A heart-warming story about an old clown, and a young shadow girl, who reminds him of what it means to be young again, and in doing so, finds she becomes 'real'.

French Fly

4 min. |  USA  |  Palm Springs Premiere


Liam LoPinto

A fly returns home to find his life completely changed.

The Gender Line

Transgender rock star Cidny Bullens (formerly Cindy Bullens) once sang in Elton John’s band and had recording contracts with three major labels and two independents. Cidny is fortunate to have been both a wife and husband in the same lifetime, and reflects on a life lived on both sides of the gender line.

T.J. Parsell

13 min. |  USA  |  Palm Springs Premiere


Glimmer Of Hope

The Cook County Jail provides mental health resources for those who may not get the same care outside jail walls. We follow one detainee's journey through the jail's Mental Health Transition Center. This film, directed by Emily Orr, Christopher Vazquez, Debbie-Marie Brown & Aine Dougherty, is part of our Northwestern University Medill Documentary Program series.

12 min. | USA | World Premiere


The Greenlander

Follow Pierre Auzias, a French painter fully integrated - for the last 14 years in Greenland 450 miles north of the Arctic circle. He speaks Greenlandic, travels by dog sled, eats locally sourced food and teaches art therapy to neglected children. His world is rocked when his partner Annie, the town doctor, retires and decides to return home to France.

Nicholas Jones

38 min. |  UK  |  World Premiere

Friday, September 25 | 11 am | Tristone

Genesis Project

The technological revolution is wrapped in a mechanical, Orwellian atmosphere, asphyxiating and grandiose at the same time. An acid version of a futuristic world full of lights and shadows. This light-painting, stop-motionanimation was created by artists Sfhir and Frodo DKL during one month of intensive work with 3,000 handmade light painting images.

Hugo Lomas

2 min. |  Spain |  US Premiere


Granny Of The Year


Maria was chosen to be a beauty queen when she was 18 years old; her father conditioned her to leave her boyfriend in order to become a beauty ambassador. Maria chose love, letting go one of the great illusions in her life.

Olivia Luengas

15 min. |  Mexico  |  US Premiere



Tayra and I grew up on a beach in the north east of Brazil. We were inseparable. The sea breeze brings me back happy memories.

Nara Normande

14 min.  |  Brazil  | West Coast Premiere

Sun., September 27 | 6:30 pm | Civic Ctr Pk

The Girl With The Rivet Gun

Behind the iconic “We Can Do It” poster girl, millions of real-life women shook the foundations of the American workplace during World War II. Here, we meet three real-life “Rosie the Riveters.” From vastly different backgrounds, these three women came of age in an America united by war but struggling with divisions of gender, economics and race.

Anne de Mare, Kirsten Kelly

15 min.  |  USA  |  World Premiere


Finding Yingying

Yingying Zhang, a 26-year-old Chinese student, comes to the U.S. to study. In her detailed and beautiful diaries, the aspiring young scientist and teacher is full of optimism, hoping to also be married and a mother someday. Within weeks of her arrival, Yingying disappears from the campus. Through exclusive access to Yingying’s family and boyfriend,

Jenny Shi

97 min. CHINA California Premiere


Harmony: Latvian Democracy at Russia's Doorstep

On October 2018 the Baltic nation of Latvia went to the polls to elect a new government. In a country situated on the eastern edge of the European Union along the border with Russia, the Latvian campaign was waged against the backdrop of external influence and domestic discord.


Sam George

26 min. |  USA  |  Palm Springs Premiere

Sunday, September 27  |  2 pm  |  Camelot

Hate For Sale

3 min. | Netherlands  |  US Premiere


Anna Eijsbouts

A stop-motion cutout animated film about the world in which we live.

Herrings Of The Heart

13 min. | Australia, Denmark | World Premiere


Elica Matic Sholler

Friendship, Fish and Fraudsters - Let's take a road trip through Bornholm in Denmark, where old friends share a love of herring, and fishing for fraudsters in the online gay dating world.

Home Restaurant

15 min. | USA  |  World Premiere


Eda Benjakul

California bill AB626 was passed in 2018, legalizing home restaurants. In 2019, Riverside, California, was the first and only county in the nation to implement the law. This opens new economic opportunities, healthy food options, and social connection to some of our most vulnerable communities.


7 min. |  Greece |  Palm Desert Premiere


Fokion Xenos

In the midst of a searing heatwave, two little children find a way to cool everyone down.

Hollywood, DC

103 min. |  USA  |  Palm Springs Premiere


Sean Stone

The film & TV industries may be America’s go-to source of escapism & entertainment, but glossy magazine covers documenting celebrity meltdowns & box-office predictions serve as a convenient distraction from some of the lesser known connections tying together Hollywood & the nation’s national security establishment.


9 min.  |  USA  |  Palm Springs Premiere


Yubo Wang

For these Mormons, marijuana runs in the family.

"Hello," We Lied

12 min.  |  USA  |  World Premiere


Laura Gamse

Ordained "The King of Fake News" by NPR, Jestin Coler built a network of websites meant to "infiltrate the echo chambers" of the alt-right. His empire soon grew to embody the media monolith it satirized, garnering over 100 million views and potentially swaying the election, which was swung by a mere 0.06% of the voting population.

Holy Fire

28 min. | USA | West Coast Premiere


Sam Roth

A military-veteran, Lutheran pastor takes a leave-of-absence from his church to run a competitive race for U.S. Congress in 2018. With a controversial policy ad amid growing support, George Scott attempts to transition from religious to political leadership. We go to the center of the campaign drama as the outcomes of George’s decision manifest on Election Day.

How Countries Fight Their Wars

2 min. | Netherlands  |  US Premiere


Thomas Loopstra, Maurice Baltissen

An animated look at how countries fight their wars.

How Far Is Home

22 min. |  USA  |  World Premiere


Apo W. Bazidi

In the midst of the immigration ban, a teenage refugee, Ahmed, and his sister, Ruba, find a home at a Cleveland school for immigrants. Will they be able to reach their dreams?


3 min.  |  USA  |  Palm Springs Premiere


Yaou Chen

A film about a T-rex, who is starving in the desert and looking for food, and we end up following his adventures as he meets with other wild animals.

How We Eat

17 min. |  USA |  World Premiere


Blair Pennington

Comparing a cattle rancher, hunter gatherer, and vegan hockey player, this documentary  investigates the choices people make in responsible eating.


87 min.  |  USA  |  California Premiere


Michael Rowley

'Hurdle' reveals an important, intimate story emerging from the hearts and actions of Palestinian youth as the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territories reached its 50th year. Protagonists Sami & Mohammad begin teaching the creative practices of parkour and photography to youths in their communities as a means of overcoming personal & political obstacles.

Hunger In The Desert

6 min.  |  USA  |  World Premiere


Paul Raimondi

How a food pantry strives to improve the quality of life in Desert Hot Springs, California, by providing food assistance to needy residents.

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