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I Am

26 min. |  USA  |  World Premiere


Laura Arten

Explore the life and work of queer artists who paved the way for the trans movement by daring to be themselves fully.


32 min.  |  UK  | World Premiere


Lola Young, Matt Shea

A family grieves, celebrates and reflects on their daughter's life by recreating her inner world from twenty-two years of journals and music that she left behind. 'Imogen' is produced by Alma Har'el (DGA Award winner, Best First Feature, "Honey Boy", 2019) and Margo Mars.

In The Middle

14 min. | Yemen | World Premiere


Northwestern Medill

When Houthis attacked Yemen, many Adenis left school & work to defend their city. Later, with the collapse of the economy, many Adani young graduates were not able to find jobs. Becoming part of the armed forces was the only option. Directed by Mariam Al-Dhubhani, this film is part of our Northwestern University Medill Documentary Program series.


5 min.  |  USA, Cuba  |  SoCal Premiere


Natasha Deganello Giraudie

Where are we going? What do we want, for ourselves, and for the world around us? What is happening to our beautiful, precious planet, before our very eyes? Filling audiences with remembrance and love for earth’s nourishing richness, soundscapes, innate variance, beauty and sacredness, We're brought home to ourselves and home to nature –– even in a city street.

I Knew Andy Warhol

19 min. |  USA |  Retrospective


Marc Saltarelli

A series of interviews with artists, photographers and factory superstars who worked with and socialized with Andy Warhol. Featuring artists Chuck Arnoldi, Peter Alexander, Don Bachardy, Michael Childers, Ed Ruscha as well as Warhol discoveries Udo Kier and superstar Cherry Vanilla. (Superstar photographer, Michael Childers in attendance.)

In Between

14 min. |  Kosovo  |  US Premiere


Samir Karahoda

A look into lives of families who left their homes and now live, separately, in cultures that are not theirs. Brothers and sons who live abroad build identical houses to express the equality and unity in family. Film is an empathetic portrait of the families that, by economic necessity, need to live much of their lives separated and not their own cultures.

Indigenous: Fight For Survival

52 min. | USA | Palm Desert Premiere


Gary Rottger

We examine some of the unique native animals and plants of the Everglades and their struggles with climate change, invasive species, and human intervention. Filmed over a two and half year period, we take a deep look into the trials and tribulations of native life and what is in store for future generations.

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Iceberg Nations

4 min.  |  Spain  |  Palm Springs Premiere


Fernando Martín Borlán

Nations are liquid and ephemeral but, what is a nation?

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9th Annual Film Festival, September 25-29

Palm Springs, CA

AmDocs 2020

Tickets for all 250+ films for #AmDocs2020 are on sale now. We have a variety of  festival passes from which to choose, and a number of ticket plans that will suit any of your needs. Individual film screening tickets are available by clicking here.  (PLEASE NOTE:  AmDocs 2020 is forced to go virtual for the 9th Annual event.  Go to DocsNow+)

The Injured

9 min. |  USA  |  World Premiere


Zooey Zhang

An autobiographical film about my story with bulimia.


5 min. | Australia  |  California Premiere


Eva Collins

A young innocent girl's devotion to a charismatic dictator comes to an unexpected halt.

Inspired By Sport: Pal-O-Mine

Lucy Davis, 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist in the sport of Show Jumping, visits Pal-O-Mine equestrian center to learn about the programs offered at the facility and attend their annual horse show.

Vanessa Hudson

15 min. |  USA  |  World Premiere


John Van Hamersveld CRAZY WORLD AIN'T IT

A colorful glimpse into the kaleidoscope that is John Van Hamersveld’s seminal art career, viewed through the eyes of many artists and innovators he has influenced. John Van Hamersveld CRAZY WORLD AIN'T IT conveys a universal message of encouragement to anyone coming of age as an artist in a challenging world to accomplish this in.

Dave Tourjé, Christopher Sibley

11 min.  |  USA  | Palm Springs Premiere


The Jump

Over a 3-year period, we follow one of Mexico’s most prestigious track and field families, the Rivera brothers, as they struggle and sweat their way to the Olympic Games. Consisting of four exceptionally talented brothers, this film focuses on long jumper Luis and high jumper Edgar, and the grueling preparations involved in world-class amateur athletics.

Jorge Porras

84 min. |  Mexico  |  US Premiere


Invasion: The Unist'ot'en's Fight For Soverignty

In this era of “reconciliation”, Indigenous land is still being taken at gunpoint. 'Invasion: The Unist’ot’en's Fight for Sovereignty' is verité cinematic experience about the Unist’ot’en Camp, Gidimt’en checkpoint and the Wet'suwet'en Nation standing up to the Canadian government and corporations who continue colonial violence against Indigenous peoples.

Michael Toledano, Sam Vinal

18 min. |  Canada |  Palm Desert Premiere


Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life

We go behind the scenes with one of the most desired Israeli gay male porn stars, Jonathan Agassi, diving deep into his unusual, unique relationship with his mother, Anna. Blurring the line between freedom & oppression, we see Agassi's power become his greatest weakness. This director's cut version contains explicit male nudity and sexual content. (Adults only)

Tomer Heymann

106 min. |  Israel  |  Palm Springs Premiere




Told through the journeys of two expectant mothers seeking safety in Colombia, we get a window into the Venezuelan exodus and its impact on families.

Marian Carrasquero, Jean-Philippe Dobrin

27 min.  |  USA  |  California Premiere


A Joshua Tree Love Story

This stop motion animation follows a scientist and her baby doing research across Joshua Tree National Park to understand why the Joshua trees are dying. Based on a true story about the work of Dr. Juniper Harrower, who studies Joshua trees and their symbiotic partners under climate change, this film draws on real science discoveries and magical realism.

Juniper Harrower

10 min. | USA | Palm Springs Premiere


Keep Me In The Game

Primarily set in a Calgary retirement village, the documentary follows seven seniors as they train and ultimately compete in the Silvera Games, a sort of "Mini Olympics" that were created to give seniors a chance to challenge their skills.

Domique Keller

6 min. |  Canada  |  US Premiere



90 min. |  Iran  |  North American Premiere


Hadi Zarei, Mehdi Zarei

A 14-year-old Afghan girl named Khatemeh, living in Iran with her family, was forced to get married to her late sister’s husband who died through suicide. After awhile, she escaped from home due to her husband and her brother’s torture and beating. She became a refugee to the welfare organization of Shiraz. This is her compelling story.

Liberation Heroes

41 min.  |  USA  | California Festival Premiere


Vanessa Roth

Heroic World War II veterans vividly share their liberation journeys in LIBERATION HEROES: The Last Eyewitnesses. These powerful eyewitness accounts from Steven Spielberg's USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive®, share a cautionary tale and compelling reminder of what can happen when insidious hatred remains unchecked.

Lowland Kids

22 min. |  USA  |  Palm Desert Premiere


Sandra Winther

As climate change erases the Louisiana coast, the last two teenagers on Isle de Jean Charles fight to stay on an island that's been their family home for generations.


20 min. |  USA |  Palm Springs Premiere


Rachel Bickert, Emily Tapanes

A young queer woman in the American south comes to terms with her sexuality, shattering her deep-rooted religious beliefs and cultural stereotypes within her conservative community, family and self.


39 min. |  USA  |  US Premiere


Alan Hicks

Liv and her older sister Tess are inseparable siblings, who from a young age share a strong musical bond. While everything seems normal to the outside world, behind the music and happy images hides a terrifying secret. As Liv rides the waves of hope and despair, older sister Tess desperately fights to save her.

Lulu DotAway

7 min.  |  Denmark  |  West Coast Premiere


Snobar Avani

In a town where everybody has dots, Lulu is the natural center of attention, as she has the most beautiful dots. Every day she dances through the square, and everyone applauds. But suddenly, she starts to lose her dots; one by one. How will that affect Lulu? We soon find out in this story about how to rise above the influence of outer beauty.

Loud Mouth Queer

98 min. | USA | World Premiere


Travis Johns

When a massive heart attack threatens the life of an aging activist, this unflinching look back examines decades of progress, speaking truth to power, and why civil disobedience still matters in a culture war louder than ever.

The Magician

8 min. |  USA  |  World Premiere


Matthew Kaundart

The Magician is an experimental documentary that explores an ex-hustler's destructive addiction to art. We follow retired adult film star (Danny Wylde) and author, Christopher Zeischegg, as he attempts the synthesis of art and black magick. An exploration of love, revenge, art-as-addiction, and the toxic pursuit of fame. (Adults only)

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Minor Accident Of War

10 min. |  USA  |  Palm Springs Premiere


Diane Weis, Piotr Kabat

Based on a true story written & narrated by the man who lived it -- 95-year-old WWII veteran Edward Field. In 1945, Field was the navigator in the 8th Air Force during the war. On his 3rd mission over Germany, his plane lost all 4 engines after being hit by flak & crash landed in a sea. Hanging on to a raft amid freezing water, a decision he made then still affects Field to this day.


2 min. |  USA  |  Palm Desert Premiere


Sanghyun Kim

Tom, a clumsy guide retriever, take his eye off his blind master, Albert, because of a tennis ball for a while, and lost him. And Tom chases him to resolve the situation after witnessing he tumbled through a dangerous construction site.

Man In The Field

90 min. | Germany | US Premiere


Patrick Trefz

This documentary profiles pioneering American multimedia artist and chef Jim Denevan, founder of Outstanding in the Field, a radical alternative to the conventional dining experience. The film reveals the personal and circumstantial struggles behind Jim’s myriad and mysterious artistic gifts.

A Mind Like Still Water

40 min.  |  USA  |  World Premiere


Dylan Silver

Once a year, world renowned duo, horse clinician Mark Rashid and equine massage therapist Jim Masterson, hold a clinic in Littleton, Colorado. Participants Mindy and Linda come to learn how to connect better with their horses, unaware of the vulnerability it will require of them.

Miracle In The Desert

78 min. | USA | Palm Springs Premiere


Greg Bassenian

Forty miles east of Palm Springs, an ecological disaster is unfolding as the Salton Sea declines. Millions of people's health, and the future of the entire Coachella Valley, is at risk if without immediate action. 'Miracle in the Desert: The Rise and Fall of the Salton Sea' director Greg Bassenian notes, "The clock is ticking and something needs to be done now."

Mommy's Nightmare

11 min. |  USA | Palm Desert Premiere


Jonathan Napolitano

While his mother filmed this director's Kindergarten Halloween parade, a monster waited for her back at home.

Master Moley By Royal Invitation

30 min. |  UK  |  US Premiere


Leon Joosen

The story of a young Mole and his adventure to pick a rose from the Queen's Garden, not knowing that this simple act will change, not only his life, but the life of all Moles.

Mind My Mind

30 min. | Netherlands | SoCal Premiere


Floor Adams

When relying on social scripts to survive the social world, it’s not easy to go off-script. Especially if you’re obsessed with German dive bombers and just want to date a girl. (Adult themed, with mature subject matter.)

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Tickets for all 250+ films for #AmDocs2020 are on sale now. We have a variety of  festival passes from which to choose, and a number of ticket plans that will suit any of your needs. Individual film screening tickets are available by clicking here.

Money Machine

74 min. |  USA  |  Palm Desert Premiere


Ramsey Denison

Every year, millions lose billions in Vegas, but after Stephen Paddock opens fire on a crowd of 22,000 and kills 58 people, the city's image as a safe adult playground is put in jeopardy. With billions on the line, the corporations that run Las Vegas use their power to get America's mind off the shooting, leaving the victims feeling forgotten.

Moon Above The Raging Sea

6 min. |  Australia | SoCal Premiere


Steven Jerram

Late one night, a 17-year-old girl flies from Yugoslavia to Italy in a tiny, home-made airplane. 'Moon Above The Raging Sea' is both a lo-fi, abstract 'painted dream' - and a first-person retelling of the 1991 Škabrnja massacre.

The Music Box

12 min. |  Canada | SoCal Premiere


Joe Chang

Based on a real story set in China during the Cultural Revolution in 1967, we see a young boy (Liang Liang), whose family is suddenly taken to the countryside by Red Guards. He is able to grab and take with him the only thing he treasures: a western style music box

My Generation

8 min. | France | Palm Springs Premiere


Ludovic Houplain

Disney's big boss, Bob Iger said, "Hitler would have loved social media." He would have felt at ease in our time of soft totalitarianism (less and less soft actually). What if we put down our smartphones and opened our eyes wide shut?

More Than Just A Square

10 min. |  Taiwan |  SoCal Premiere


Chingyu Yang

Hanzi, also known as Chinese characters, is a graphic writing system. The best way to understand it is to find out the inventors' visual reference of each creation. Let Hannah,a Hanzi model show you how a simple square can become many meaningful symbols.

My Father The Mover

13 min. | S. Africa | World Premiere


Julia Jansch

The Mover is making miracles happen in the small township of Khayelitsha, South Africa. Through GQOM dance beats, his kids jive through their hardships and "find their superpowers". But while he's helped many kids break the shackles of poverty and abuse, can he help his own daughter find freedom?

My Mother's Table

9 min. |  USA  |  World Premiere


Hsuan Yu Pan

Kurdish refugees, a mother and her daughter, introduce their hometown, Aleppo, Syria, to their passion for cooking.

Mr. Y Not

8 min.  |  USA  | World Premiere


Tim Harris

Tony “Tone” Royster (aka Mr. Y Not) oozes charisma, energy, and positivity. His demeanor is especially notable given where he comes from. The Philadelphia projects can be a tough place to grow up. Tone knew early on that he wasn’t interested in gangs or drugs or any of the other temptations of his neighborhood. What he loved was drumming.

My Friend, The Mayor

60 min. |  USA |  World Premiere


Max Westerman

Among the first to be hit by the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, Sean Strub’s political ambitions took a backseat as he struggled to survive. Now 60, he is running for mayor of a conservative town in Pennsylvania. How will this liberal, openly gay ex-New Yorker and founder of POZ, a magazine for people with HIV, fare in a rural community that voted for someone like Donald Trump?

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