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Thai Country Living.jpg

Thai Country Living

Follow the life of Suman - a craftsman and farmer from Thailand's north-east Isaan region. Suman spends his days surrounded by cows and chickens pondering the importance of family tradition, community, and country life.

15 min. |  UK  |  Documentary Short


Ben Tubby, Dan Tubby

The Boogaloo Ballad.jpg

Boogaloo Ballad Of Henry Graves

We follow the journey of Henry Graves from US Marine to right-wing extremist, and his search for a way back from the brink.

12 min. | USA | Animation


Juan Pablo De Gamboa

The Credits Movie.jpg

The Credits Movie

After decades of announcing the casts and crews of countless movies, the end credits finally get to tell their own story.

5 min. |  USA  |  Animation


Jeffrey Ashkin

The Remote Making Of A Musical.JPG

The (Remote) Making Of A Musical

Faced with the onset of a global pandemic, over a hundred collaborators worked from their homes, bringing the writing, workshopping and rehearsal process to Zoom. With only about a month until a live, online presentation of the show, creatives worked behind the scene to forge a theatrical process that had never been accomplished before. 

14 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Short


Ezri Killeen

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The Drop Shot.jpg

The Drop Shot

A Harlem based first generation African-American young man discovers his passion in life -- fishing! We learn his favorite techniques and life story as he shares how he came to the sport.

9 min. |  USA | Documentary Short


Daniel Peddle

The Bears Of Pine Ridge.jpg

The Bears On Pine Ridge

A respected female elder leads the Oglala Sioux Tribe’s only suicide prevention team, while mentoring a group of suicide-survivor teenagers to find their voice, encouraging them to bring hope and awareness to the reservation.

39 min. | USA | Documentary Short


Noel Bass

The Burning Bed.JPG

The Burning Bed

Half of all women murdered in the United States are killed by a boyfriend, husband or ex. Despite progress in addressing domestic violence, the home remains the most dangerous place for women in America

19 min. | USA | Documentary Short


Scott Michels

The FBi's Secret War.jpeg

The FBI's Secret War

A NEW ulterior motive to the Watergate break-in is revealed, and the target is Scott Camil, one of the Gainesville Eight who was a victim of the FBI program, "COINTELPRO", which aimed at infiltrating political organizations such as the VVAW (Vietnam Veterans Against the War). The FBI's illegal surveillance program is still active today.

14 min. | USA | Documentary Short


David Reppond

The Friendlist Small Town In America.JPG

The Friendliest Small Town In America

As the country reckoned with its racist past in the summer of 2020, Sherman, a Marine veteran and lawyer coaching football at Murray State University, saw a simple path forming for the 100-year-old Confederate monument of Robert E. Lee on the county courthouse square to be removed, with a presumed precedent being set across the nation and the South as hundreds removed their Confederate monuments.

30 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Short


Curtis Franklin


AmDocs 2021


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The Invisible Monster.jpg

The Invisible Monster

Aminodin's father always smiles because he says "happy people live longer". That's why, at eight years old, Aminodin puts his best smile while working at the Papandayan dump, where he lives with his family. Her cousin Aliman, on the other hand, lost his when bombs started falling from the sky in the city of Marawi.

29 min. |  SPAIN  |  Documentary Short


Gui. & Jav. Fesser Perez de Petinto

The Frog's Song.jpg

The Frog's Song

Stop motion was never so much fun. Hop along!

6 min.| USA | Animation


Danielle Gibson

The Hardest Day.jpg

The Hardest Day

The decision to have at-home pet euthanasia is part of an emerging trend (to have end of life care in the home, instead of in a clinic). Nationally, tens of thousands of pet owners go through this painful experience each year.

54 min. |  USA  | Documentary Feature


Ross Taylor

The Lakota Daughers.jpg

The Lakota Daughters

Follow strong matrilineal traditions of the Native American culture, women on the Reservation are working to create "a girl society" that will help girls aged 10 to 18 be more resilient and see a brighter future. The film shows the traditional and modern life of the Lakota tribe, and the tribe's efforts to empower the next generation of girls and women.

33 min. | USA| Documentary Short


Victoria Kupchinetsky

The Girl With Blue Eyes.jpg

The Girl With The Blue Eyes

An phouc is an 11 years old girl from Vietnam. her pairs of big bright blue eyes attracted many photographers from all around the world to visit her. she is one of the Vietnam tourist attractions icons but despite all that, An Phouc and her family are suffering from poverty and struggling with racism.

15 min.  |  IRAN |  Documentary Short


Alireza Mirasadollah




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The Man Who Walked Around The World.jpg

Man Who Walked Around The World

The true story of a Scottish farm boy whose interest in blending whisky led to the creation of a global icon.

71 min. | UK | Documentary Feature


Anthony Wonke



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The Personal Is Political.JPG

The Personal Is Political

9 min. | UK | Animation


Carol Harrison

The actions of Students, the Women’s Movement, Gay Liberation, Squatters and Claimants Unions, provide a documentary framework for what are in essence personal memories, a child’s POV.  The political message is traced through the means of communication; hand drawn comics, screen- printed posters, leaflets, placards, papers, pamphlets and the underground press.

The Remandee.jpg

The Remandee

51 min. |  DENMARK  | Documentary Feature


Alexander Lind, Jakob Jakobsen

Given his undecided fate in prison and the uncertainty of his future William is eventually forced to make a tough decision: choosing between a tempting secret affair with his ex-wife that sets her new marriage and the daughter's wellbeing at risk or the safety of their child.

The Neurosurgeon.jpg

The Neurosurgeon

81 min. | POLAND| Documentary Feature


Magdalena Zagała

The world-famous Professor Mirosław Ząbek, director of the Gamma Knife Centre in Warsaw, together with his team from the Bródnowski Hospital in Warsaw, develops an innovative therapy for treating a severe congenital metabolic defect that blocks the child's development.

The Quarantine Muse.jpg

The Quarantine Muse

3 min.| RUSSIA | Animation


Sally Lomidze

A furry stuck-at-home New Yorker makes a bold socially distanced gesture for a front-line nurse next door.

The Rope Warrior.jpg

The Rope Warrior

13 min. | USA | Documentary Short


Andrew Bourne, Daniel Feldman

Born into a conservative Jewish community, David Fisher decided to make the unorthodox choice to jump rope for a living, finding his fifteen seconds of fame in the '90s. 25 years later, David performs for school assemblies as physical injuries intensify. His family begins to wonder...is it time to hang up the rope?



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The Siege.JPG

The Siege

The Siege of Leningrad is one of the symbols of the human’s fortitude, but from the other hand is also a vivid example of the human’s cruelty.

19 min.| RUSSIA | Documentary Short


Andrey Furmanchuk

The Strippers.jpg

The Strippers

Follow the trajectory of the two strippers in Los Angeles, listen to their self portray. Peeping into the carnival of desire, yet, we see their stories, careers, enthusiasm, dreams, society, and their self-worth.  (ADULTS ONLY)

20 min. | CHINA | Documentary Short


Yun Xie

The Winter.jpg

The Winter

Walking in a snowy forest, a peasant sees an unusual deer and goes to follow it. The deer allures him and the peasant even wants to catch it.

5 min. | CHINA  | Animation


Xin Li

The Spider Crab.png

The Spider Crab

A 70-year-old man remembers his journey to his dying father’s bedside, between hope and fear, between reality and imaginary.

12 min. | FRANCE | Documentary Short


Tristan Francia

The Train To Qinling.jpg

The Train To Qunling

A Middle-Eastern traveler gets lost on a train in China with no one else but a Panda! She must learn to communicate with him in order to find the adventure she was looking for in an unexpected way.

3 min.| ISRAEL | Animation


Shir Baron

Thirsty & Drowing.jpg

Thirsty & Drowning In America

Drought, flooding, and contamination. Native Americans have had it all. They may have been beaten, bullied, victimized, and killed, but they are still fighting. As the seas rise, the ice melts, and resource extraction pollutes their land and waterways the stakes are getting higher. Today they are on the frontlines of environmental activism.

49 min. |  USA | Documentary Feature


Adrian Parr, Sean Hughes

The Spiritual Exercises.JPG

The Spiritual Exercises

Terry and Therese fall in love in 1960s New York. He's a rising star in the art world, she works at the famed Metropolitan Opera. The only problem? He's a Jesuit Priest who has taken a vow of celibacy.

25 min. | USA | Documentary Short


Lloyd Kramer, Scott Chestnut


The Walk

This horse is trusted and has a lot of freedom; she has a card attached to her halter that reads: “My name is Jenny, I am not a runaway. I am just taking a walk. Thank you.”

12 min. | GERMANY | Documentary Short


Michael Jung



A Korean woman in 1930's Korea is abducted by Japanese soldiers and forced to become a “comfort woman.”

8 min. |  SOUTH KOREA  |  Animation


Yri Jang

To The Dusty Sea.jpg

To The Dusty Sea

12 min. | FRANCE | Animation


Héloïse Ferlay

Left alone in the deepest of the summer, Malo and Zoe are trying their best to catch their mother’s elusive eye…

Trans Pecos.jpg

Trans Pecos

74 min. | USA | Documentary Feature


Nicol Ragland

An unlikely alliance of landowners, legislators, first nation peoples, activists, and oil industry insiders rally together to expose a wrongful claim of eminent domain made by Energy Transfer Partners as they fight a wave of rampant industrialization changing the landscape and character of a pristine Far West Texas community.

Too Good To Be Forgotten.jpg

To Good To Be Forgotten

20 min. | USA |  Documentary Short


Andy Bystrom, John Bystrom

Dedicated to the 50,000 Patrol Craft Sailors who served this country that are too good to be forgotten. Welcome Aboard!

Truth To Power.jpg

Truth To Power

82 min. | USA | Documentary Feature


Abby Ginzberg

Representative Barbara Lee, a steadfast voice for human rights, peace and equality in the U.S. Congress who cut her teeth as a volunteer for the Black Panther Party and was the lone voice in opposition to the broad authorization of military force after the September 11th attacks. In 2001, she issued a prescient warning in the House of Representatives: “Let us not become the evil we deplore.”

Tracing Contact Prod Still.jpg

Tracing Contact

7 min. | USA | Documentary Short


Noah Hussin, Tim Hussin

Simmering tension on the streets of 2019 San Francisco portends an explosive uprising during a global pandemic