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Fair Cut.jpg

Fair Cut

15 min. |  USA  | Documentary Short


Kelly Tittle

Should women pay more than men for a haircut? Does hair have a gender? Your local salon seems to think so.

Fish In A Barrel.jpg

Fish In A Barrel

87 min.  |  USA  | Documentary Feature


John Wellington Ellis

An inside look at where the NRA gets some of its funding as well as detailing the Russian influence scheme to help Trump win the 2016 election, and presents a compelling case for why the NRA should lose its tax-exempt status.



9 min. |  USA |  Documentary Short


Scott Faris

Under the leadership of its first and only president, Sinte Gleska University on South Dakota's Rosebud Reservation has been a model for Indian-controlled education for 50 years, paving the way for other tribal colleges with a series of historic accomplishments and an eye towards continued innovation.

Fear Of Flying.jpg

Fear Of Flying

8  min. | USA  |  Animation


Ernie Berger

A young bird and a sea turtle share madcap misadventures in a coming-of-age "buddy" story.



14 min. |  CANADA  |  Documentary Short


Jeremy Benning

An inside look at the world of the Foley artist. This short documentary is a sneak peek into a unique post production sound facility located in rural Ontario, an hour north of Toronto.

From Fat Lolli To 6 Pack Lolli.JPG

From Fat Lolli To 6 Pack Lolli

94 min.  |  USA  |  Documentary Feature


Keith Eccles

Having been obese his entire life, real estate mogul and multimillionaire, Anthony Lolli has accepted his greatest challenge to date. Follow this inspiring journey as he sheds 125lbs in only 9 months leading to a fitness competition where he shows the world that nothing is unachievable. Through blood, sweat, and tears, 



7 min. |  USA | Documentary Short


TR Cassese

An agriculture worker in California ruminates about the current state of immigration in the United States.

Forest Flavors.jpg

Forest Flavors

6 min. | USA | Documentary Short


Rachel Priebe

A glimpse into the life of “wild food alchemist” Pascal Baudar and his mission to change the way we look at invasive plants

Funeral Of A Nation.jpg

Funeral Of A Nation

31 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Short


Keith Nixon, Jr.

In memory of who we were, a tribute to who we will be. In honor of those before us, a call to those after us. You are because of who was, where past meets present, a future is born.





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Goodbye Home.jpg

Goodbye Home

A boy helps his parents prepare their home for an evacuation, so too do the animals prepare their homes: a wombat clears his burrow of debris, a finch tidies her nest; flocks of birds begin their migrations to safer skies. The boy and his kelpie sit on the porch, watching on with trepidation.

Jonathan Chong

6 min. | AUSTRALIA | Animation




A family of three explain why they choose to live on an off the grid farm despite facing endless challenges of homesteading.

Emily Walowski

7 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Short


GoGo City.jpg

Go-Go City: Displacement & Protest In Washington, D.C.

For decades, Washington DC has stood as a beacon for Black culture and community. Yet a breakneck wave of gentrification threatens to erase this history.

Samuel George

50 min. |  USA |  Documentary Feature




Follow several women living in the North Caucasus as they struggle to survive in today's world of new found feminism while examining the context of national traditions and religion through the prism of stories of their lives. 

Maryam Makhieva

41 min. |  RUSSIA  |  Documentary Feature


Growing A Vision.jpg

Growing A Vision

Willow Crossing Farm is located in Johnson, Vermont, where the Long Trail and the Lamoille River meet. It’s a plot of land dedicated to creating a working ecosystem of herbs, vegetables, berries, fruits, nut trees, rice paddies and hemp. Keith Morris calls the farm, “a working, cooking experiment, a plant collection and a fool’s errand.”

​​​Kirsten Potts

12 min.  |  USA  | Documentary Short


Golem And Poncho Paint.JPG

Golem And Poncho Paint Illinois

Graffiti writing brought "Golem" and "Poncho" together in high school. The 20-year-olds have transitioned more into street art, and Poncho recently developed a new character.  In November, he brought his buddy to collaborate on a wall in the suburbs, and I tagged along to learn about the value they get from their art and to see how it's done.

Ata Shaheen

2 min.  |  USA  |  Documentary Short


Graveyard Spiral.jpg

Graveyard Spiral

A woman goes on an inner animated journey to find peace by facing her personal demons that surface after she learns that her mother is suffering from a serious illness.

Evelyn Lee

10 min | USA | Animation


Guinea Pig Diaries.jpg

Guinea Pig Diaries

Popular culture has used the playful antics of guinea pigs in various art forms for amusement, and paintings dating back to the 1500s confirm their role as human companions.


Olympia Stone, Suzanne Mitchell

67 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Feature



Hannibal Hopkins And Sir Anthony

53 min. | FRANCE |  Documentary Feature


Clara Kuperberg, Julia Kuperberg

An up close and personal portrait of the multiple award-winning actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins

Home Of My Memories.jpg

Home Of My Memories

6 min. | MEXICO | Animation


Javier Méndez Lafón

A kid finds his passion through the experience of his grandfather, all of those teachings come alive in a truly wonderful way

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I See You

7 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Short


Brian K. Leonard

Art therapist Erin Partridge connects with elders suffering from dementia with visual art and gives them an outlet of self-expression.



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Heaven On Earth.jpg

Heaven On Earth

22 min.  |  USA  |  Documentary Short


Robert Hope

A naive aspiring actor rents a shed on a fading ex-commune in Los Angeles and becomes friends with its aging matriarch, a former hippie, who is slowly becoming radicalized by far-right conspiracy propaganda in 2016.

I Want Everything.jpg

I Want Everything

13 min. | USA | Documentary Short


Paul Szynol

After a lifetime of writing about famous rock stars, Larry “Ratso” Sloman releases his own album and records a tribute to Nick Cave’s son.

Izzy's Demons.jpg

Izzy's Demons

7min. | USA  |  Animation


Greg Garay

Izzy is a person who struggles with the decision to reconnect with an old friend. As she gives into her jealousy for her friend’s success, she makes a decision that her subconscious does not let her get away with so easy.



Junior’s dream is, and always was, to pass on the passion of the drum to the next generation - a dream that, unbeknownst to him, is already in full effect.

11 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Short


AJ Wilhelm


AmDocs 2021


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For some it’s a passion and for others it’s a matter of achieving professional success. The youngest of all have to face a big decision - whether to engage themselves into this dangerous and demanding sport or to remain a observer.

5 min.  |  POLAND  |  Documentary Short


Franciszek Dźwierżyński

Just A Guy.jpg

Just A Guy

Three women share glimpses of their affection, attraction and relationship with Richard Ramirez: A serial killer and rapist they contacted after he was convicted.

15 min. |  JAPAN |  Animation


Shoko Hara

King Phillips Belt.jpg

King Phillip's Belt

For the first time in almost 300 years the Mashpee and Aquinnah Native Wampanoag people are weaving a new ceremonial wampum belt in hopes this belt will call out to the legendary belt once worn by Sachem King Philip (Metacom).   Upon his death at the hands of the colonists at the end of bloody war the belt was sent to the king of England but never arrived - lost to history.

19 min.  |  USA, RSA  |  Documentary Short


Fermin Rojas, Bruce Donnelly

Just For The Record.jpg

Just For The Record

In an abandoned attic, a dictaphone robot REC desperately tries to connect to тхе bird that stops on its window. Using his play button to say something, he finds himself shocked by the content and scares the bird away. He rushes to make her come back, to record over his "own voice" before his battery leaks.

7 min.  |  SERBIA  |  ANIMATION


Vojin Vasovic

Kiss The Ground.JPG

Kiss The Ground

Using compelling graphics and visuals, along with striking NASA and NOAA footage, the film artfully illustrates how, by drawing down atmospheric carbon, soil is the missing piece of the climate puzzle. Narrated in part by Woody Harrelson.

85 min.  |  USA  |  Documentary Feature


Josh Tickell, Rebecca Tickell