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Call Of The Heart.jpg

Call Of The Heart

In the deep belief that their region is the "Heart of the World", the leaders of the village (called Mamos) advise that the earth is a living body and if you kill the heart, all other things will die, too.  They explain that if humans simply obey the universe's Original Law, the development of new diseases and a disharmony amongst humans can be avoided.

Harun Güler

9 min. |  GERMANY  | Documentary Short

PSCC April 9, 2:30 pm


Cherokee Comedian Zebadiah Nofire

Alternate title:  Laughter As Medicine, Cherokee Comedian Zebadiah Nofire.



Meet Zebadiah Nofire, a young Cherokee comedian, who keeps us laughing with his love of family, language and stories.

Jeremy Charles

8 min.  |  USA  | Documentary Short

PSCC April 9, 9 pm

Concession Stand Girl.jpg

Concession Stand Girl

A frog morphs through a colorful animated world, transforming into a variety of characters and landscapes. As it’s changing, it catches, throws, and drives a football–weaving through the lyrics of Naomi Alligator’s Concession Stand Girl.

Corrinne James

2 min.| USA | Animation

PSCC April 9, 4:30

Camp Yoshi.jpg

Camp Yoshi

Driven by the magic of his experiences, his background as a chef, and his love of good food and connecting people to incredible places that open up to conversation, Rashad Frazier created Camp Yoshi, which curates custom outdoor adventures centered around shared meals and shared experience with the goal of creating a space for Black people and allies to unplug and in turn reconnect with the wilderness.

Faith E. Briggs

10 min. |  USA |  Documentary Short

PSCC April 10, 6:30 pm

Coffee and Sugar.jpg

Coffee & Sugar

In conversation with her grandson, 93-year-old Carol goes on a vibrantly animated journey as she reflects on her unbelievable marriage of 62 years.

Andy Volk

3 min. | USA | Animation

PSCC April 9, 5 pm


Connexions: Banksey X Géricault

Banksy is issuing a warning cry on the migration crisis in Europe still ongoing this day. By recreating the Raft of the Medusa, it is in direct line in connection with Géricault's commitment, two centuries earlier, to the service of freedom.

Annie Dautane

26 min.  |  FRANCE  |  Documentary Short

PSCC April 11, 11 am

Chasing Voices.png

Chasing Voices- The Story Of John P. Harrington

Obsessed with his work and ridiculed by his peers, John P. Harrington grew paranoid fearing people would steal it. Not until his death in 1961 is it reveal just how much work he did. Today his notes and recordings of dying Native American languages have brought languages back to life.

Daniel Golding

57 min.  |  USA  |  Documentary Feature

PSCC April 8, 11:30 am

Color To Color.JPG

Color To Color

A subjective view of a painter's creative process.

Robert G. Gregson

3 min. | USA | Animation

PSCC April 11, 11 am

Costume Change Forever.jpg

Costume Change Forever

A variety of animation methods are used to investigate the complicated and relentless task of presenting self at a time in which our likenesses have become increasingly malleable, fraught, and self-searching.

John Harlan Norrie

8 min. |  USA  |  Animation

PSCC April 9, 11:30

Cuba In Africa.jpg

Cuba In Africa

The dramatic untold story of 420,000 Cubans– soldiers and teachers, doctors and nurses– who gave everything to end colonial rule and apartheid in Southern Africa.

22 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Short

PSCC April 10, 7:30 pm

Negash Abdurahman



Five unique individuals take us on a journey where their achievements shine beyond preconceived ideas of what is possible.

5 min.  |  USA  | Lightbeam Competition

PSCC April 8, 2 pm

Timon Birkhofer

Pa Vend Displaced.jpg


In post-war Kosovo, driven by the ambition of keeping their beloved sport alive, two local players wander from one obscure location to another carrying with them the only possession of the club: their tables.

15 min. |  KOSOVO  |  Documentary Short

PSCC April 9, 2 pm

Samir Karahoda

Cyan Eyed.jpg

Cyan Eyed

After years of searching, Grunt the automaton has finally caught up with the bounty hunter, pirate captain Corliss Vail, and its objective is clear – rescue the young, supernaturally gifted, Nessa Baelin from imprisonment on the bounty hunter’s skyship, and return her to Nessa’s father.

8 min. |  CANADA  |  Animation

PSCC April 10, 11:30 am

Ryan Grobins

Desert X 2021

Desert X 2021

Founded on the principles of the Land Art movement of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, when artists sought to creatework outside of the confines of institutional walls, Desert X has, since its inception in 2017, explored newconfigurations of site-responsive work by artists from around the world creating a new paradigm for thepresentation and experience of art that is both unrivalled and accessible to all.

56 min. | USA   |  Documentary Feature

PSCC April 9, 7:30 pm

Dylan Robertson


Don't Frame Yourself

One day an accountant realises that there is nothing left in her life except numbers. Then a can of paint opened up a new world for her.

3 min.  |  RUSSIA  |  Lightbeam Competition

PSCC April 8, 2 pm

Evgeniya Buryakova




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PSCC April


Dear Destiny.jpg

Dear Destiny

While expressing her thoughts concerning what could be in the envelope he left her, Destiny's imagination takes control and sends her on a journey unlike any other. With her heart, curiosity, and Gregory the bear she will learn the value of staying true to herself.

5 min. | USA | Animation

PSCC April 10, 11:30 am

Brian Mack

Down on the Ranch_edited.jpg

Down On The Ranch

Military vets living with post traumatic stress disorder find peace through the generosity of a horse rancher.

10 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Short

PSCC April 10, 12 pm

Scott Campbell


Dream That I Had

An animated interview from Dave Sardy about his rise to becoming a rock 'n' roll producer.

4 min. |  USA  |  Animation

PSCC April 8, 2 pm

Evelyn Lee



Ellie avoids verbal communication because she hears an ECHO of -what she thinks to be- the thoughts of the speaker. She survives thanks to her landlady. Manu moves into the apartment across. Day by day, their routines echo each others.

1 min.  |  GREECE  | Animation

PSCC April 10, 4 pm

Sergio Ko

Escape Velocity.jpg

Escape Velocity

An astronaut awakens in an abandoned cave of a strange planet. An interstellar vagabond, so to say. A light path leads him to the surface, where he looks at his compass and heads for his spaceship. He keeps glancing back, treading nervously, looking afraid. He has been chased by a creature for a long time, and his only way to break free is to escape this curious planet.

8 min. | HUNGARY | Animation

PSCC April 9, 5 pm

Tamás Rebák

Drive Like A Girl.jpg

Drive Like A Girl

Lin, barely 1.5 meters tall, is a young woman who drives a 10-meter truck every day. Whether it is the hardship of the long-distance journey, the misfortune of the family or the unsuccessful marriage life, none of them has changed Lin’s tenaciousness.

25 min. |  UK |  Documentary Short

PSCC April 9, 5 pm

Malcolm Clarke



The story of

 min. |  |



EXPOSURE - Still 1.png


Eleven novice women explorers from the Arab World and the West embark on a physically and emotionally demanding journey to the top of the world on the rapidly disappearing Arctic sea ice.

88 min.| USA | Documentary Feature

PSCC April 8, 7:30 pm

Holly Morris


Drnski Prsut

Against the backdrop of a medieval Croatian village unfolds the story of Drniski Prsut, a world renowned prosciutto produced from locally raised and fed stock and cured using a centuries old recipe.

27 min.  |  AUSTRALIA  |  Documentary Short

PSCC April 10, 6:30 pm

Tony Martin

Electric Sermon.JPG

Electric Sermon

The Power Preacher delivers a questionable sermon to a fanatical congregation of light bulb people as his evangelical prowess stretches the electrical grid to its maximum capacity.

5 min. | USA | Animation

PSCC April 8, 5 pm

Eric Scott Fisher




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18 min. |  NEW ZELAND  |  Animation

PSCC April 9, 11:30 am

Sam Gill

A dog and his human work together as the only maintenance crew aboard a colossal space station.  They fill their days cleaning vents, rewiring fuses, and throwing well-worn tennis balls down dimly lit-corridors in games of fetch.


Foghorn Child Actor, Veteran, Friend

14 mins.  |  USA  | Documentary Short

PSCC April 10, 7:30

Diana Sánchez

Over the serene and verdant landscape of Camp Meeker in Northern California, a man with a childlike spirit lived his last years in a one-room cabin with 23 cats. A story of friendship and loneliness, George Carl Wenzlaff was a Navy veteran and postal service worker with unique artistic talents and an astonishing past as a famous child actor.



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Fighters Of Bukom.jpg

Fighters Of Bukom

25 min. |  FRANCE |  Documentary Short

PSCC April 8, 2 pm

Eric Grech

There is a place in Ghana which is home to a boxing village. Africans from all over Africa cross the continent to reach Bukom. A place where boxing can change a life. This is the journey and fights for survival of two immigrants.

From Mexico To Vietnam.jpg

From Mexico To Vietnam

26 mins. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC April 10, 2:30 pm

Andrés Gallegos

After losing her father at an early age, Tina Duran explores the rich history of her father, the story of her ancestors who migrated from Mexico to the United States, and the implications the Vietnam War had on the Chicano & Latino community.



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15 min.  |  SPAIN  |  Animation

PSCC April 10, 6:30 pm

Carlos Gómez-Mira Sagrado

Abandoned by his flock, he sinks in despair. Everything changes the day Pio-Pio appears. This defenseless chick gives him joy and a sense of purpose in life. Until one day destiny makes him do things that he would?t even do for himself, such as flying.



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