March 12, 2020


Dear Film-Lover-


As you know, there has been a sea-change of activity these last few weeks and, in particular, the last few hours.


At AmDocs we strive to make the festival experience the best in the world, for both our filmmakers and audience.


Some of you have been keeping close tabs on our position on having AmDocs 2020 in spite of the Covid 19 scare.  Our City does not have a case as of yet- the public schools are still open, restaurants, bars, hotels and theatres continue to operate- as of this writing.   We have stayed in close contact with our city and county officials with regard to health concerns and the event's viability by following the advice of our civic leadership.  However, with the President's order barring international travel from Europe (and already from China) and with perhaps more to come, like a good, independent filmmaker, we need to take action.  For us, that action at this point does not include cancelling the event.  But like a good filmmaker, we work to solve problems on the set and in the field and here, we have decided to reschedule.  We didn't make this decision lightly but believe it is in the best interests of everybody- the public, our guests and the community at large.  Therefore, please note the new dates for AmDocs 2020 are September 25-29, 2020.


Everything else with the program, but the date, will remain the same, just a few months down the line.  Together, we can turn this experience into a positive outcome.


Tickets for the programmed films will be available once again as soon as we update the schedules on both our ticketing platform and on this website.  Also, previously purchased tickets will be honored for your shows and, of course, for the access passes.  Just save your receipt and you will be good to go. 


Again, we wish this had never happened and hope that you understand.  Let's all hope our earth gets healthier and that you come to AmDocs 2020 in September!




Teddy Grouya


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