Schedule for Friday, September 25

Palm Springs:  Camelot Theatres at Palm Springs Cultural Center,2300 E. Baristo Road

Palm Desert: Tristone Palm Desert 10 Ceinemas, Westfield Mall


9:30 am

American Documentary Film Fund Pitch Competition (Presented by Synimatica & Simple DCP) FREE

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: See some of today's hottest filmmakers compete for funds as they share a trailer teaser and then field questions. 

11:00 am  (PROGRAM 1)

The Alchemy Of Mountains, BELGIUM, 3min. / Hurdle, USA, 90min. (Film Fund Winner)

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: This new generation of Palestinians respond to a world of walls, checkpoints and arrests in an unexpected and inspiring way.

11:00 am  (PROGRAM 55)

Am I A Greenlander?, UK, 37min. / Queen Without Land, NORWAY, 70min.

Location: Tristone Theaters

Details: Watch these men as they live and survive in these unusual but spectacular locations.

11:30 am  (PROGRAM 2)

The Injured, USA, 9min. / But Honey, You Look Fine, AUSTRALIA, 10min. / Imogen, UK, 32min. / Liv, USA, 39min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: There are many identity challenges for youth today.  How do young men and women handle these challenges, can they survive and live healthy, happy lives?

12:00 pm  (PROGRAM 3)

Let My People Vote, USA, 18min. / Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook, USA, 80min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: A powerful series of films related to the American system of voting and the challenges democratic ideals face in an increasingly partisan form of managing voting rights.

1:30 pm  (PROGRAM 4)

Inmanencia, USA, 5min. / Pizza & Prana, USA, 13min. / Agniyogana - Lower The Head, Invoke The Fire, AUSTRALIA, 64min

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: Inspiring and thought-provoking tales of human perseverance and over-coming odds.

1:30 pm  (PROGRAM 56)

Inspired By Sport: Fast Horse, USA, 14min. / Pal-O-Mine, USA, 15min. / A Mind Like Still Water, USA, 40min.

Location: Tristone Theaters

Details: Horses are magnificent animals who have a unique connection with people- in many ways, they can help save humans from themselves.

2:30 pm  (PROGRAM 5)

Miracle In The Desert: The Rise And Fall Of The Salton Sea, USA, 78min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: Millions of people's health and the future of the entire Coachella valley is at risk if action isn't take immediately to save the Salton Sea.

4:00 pm  (PROGRAM 57)

Cherokee, Chief John Ross, USA, 6min. / Indigenous: Walk With Pride, USA, 6min. / Native Realities, USA, 9min. / Borneo's Vanishing Tribes, USA, 23min. / Water Is Life, USA, 24min.

Location: Tristone Theaters

Details: Native people's around the world have long suffered under the thumb of colonialists.  Now, many are fighting for their very existence with both territorial and cultural intervention.

5:30 pm Drinks and treats (7:00 pm screening, OPENING NIGHT!)

(Special selection of food from around the world, created by Riverside County home chefs!)

Planet Of The Humans, USA, 93min.

Location: Camelot Theatres (Drinks and food, then the films)

Details:  Festival Organizer says "this is the most important documentary film in a generation."


6:30 pm  (PROGRAM 58)

 A Woman In Motion, USA, 95min.

Location: Tristone Theaters

Details: Star Trek hero, Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura), takes us on a journey at NASA as she recruits women and people of diversity to be a part of this great American institution.

6:30 pm  (PROGRAM 89)

FREE- Family Fun: Animation: Misguided, SOUTH KOREA, 3min. / Exposed, TAIWAN, 3min. / The One-Minute Memoir, USA, 17min. / Master Moley By Royal Invitation, UK, 30min.

Location: Palm Desert Civic Center Park

Details: FREE:  A selection of fun, animated films for families who want to share a festival experience outside at the beautiful city of Palm Desert's Civic Center Park.


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