Schedule for Saturday, September 26


Palm Springs:  Camelot Theatres at Palm Springs Cultural Center,2300 E. Baristo Road

Palm Desert: Tristone Palm Desert 10 Ceinemas, Westfield Mall


11:00 am  (PROGRAM 59)

Talkey - Amazon On Fire, BRAZIL, 18min. / Oh, No! Hitler Again, MEXICO, 21min. / The Troubles With Brexit, USA, 41min.

Location: Tristone Theaters

Details: Some contemporary trends that are affecting society, some say good, some say bad.

11:00 am  (PROGRAM 6)

48 Hours With Muhammad Ali, UK, 16min. / Actually Iconic, USA, 68min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: Follow along as we look back at photographers focus their lens on famous people.

11:30 am  (PROGRAM 7)

On, AUSTRALIA, 2min. / Code, USA, 4min. / My Generation, FRANCE, 8min. / More Than Just A Square, CHINA, 10min. / Beyond The Sky, USA, 13min. / Butterfly, USA, 1min. / Flicker, USA, 2min. / The Tree, USA, 4min. / The Opposites Game, USA, 5min. / Umbrella, USA, 8min. / Heatwave, GREECE, 7min. / Tobi And The Turbobus, GERMANY, 7min. / The Tree Of Lost Souls, SPAIN, 16min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: Social situations from data overload to flying a kite.

12:00 pm  (PROGRAM 8)

Hungry, CHINA, 3min. / Soup, USA, 6min. / Home Restaurant, USA, 15min. / Alchemy, USA, 10min. / Slowly, ITALY, 15min. / How We Eat, USA, 17min. / Brewed In Palestine, USA, 17min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: An exciting array of films all about food, from your front door to around the world.

1:30 pm  (PROGRAM 60)

City Of Widows, USA, 11min. / Khatemeh, IRAN, 90min.

Location: Tristone Theatres

Details: Women living in a man's world struggle in their fight for independence and freedom.

1:30 pm  (PROGRAM 22)

PROGRAM 22 Special Event: Bob's Burgers with Animator and Co-Creator - Simon Chong

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: FREE, Simon Chong takes us on his journey in getting to work on one of the most iconic animated shows on the air.  This workshop will inspire those wanting to make it in the business as well as those just interested in the process.

2:00 pm  (PROGRAM 10)

To Keep As One, USA, 12min. / One Word Sawalmem, USA, 17min. / Invasion:The Unist'ot'en's Fight For Sovereignty, CANADA, 18min. / Remaking The Pathway, AUSTRALIA, 31min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: Indigenous identity and understanding are key to respecting each other.  Native people's have chosen to fight for their rights.

2:30 pm  (PROGRAM 11)

A Century Of War, USA, 87min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details:  What happened to the American Century? What happened to America's ideal of progress?” Americans are feeling squeezed out of the traditional middle-class economy.

4:00 pm  (PROGRAM 12)

A Glimmer Of Hope, USA, 12min. / In The Middle, YEMEN , 14min. / Recovering Motherland, USA, 18min. / Prime Time: A Rapper Battles the Machine, USA, 22min. / Whispers In The Dark, USA, CHINA, 25min. / Reaching For Solid Ground, USA, 27min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details:  For 2019, these grad students wow'ed the audience.  Let's see what Professor Brent Huffman has up his sleeve this year.

4:00 pm  (PROGRAM 61 )

Children of the Exodus, MEXICO, 83min.

Location: Tristone Theaters

Details:  Displaced refugees in a strange city must survive anew after escaping armed conflict in their original home town.

4:30 pm  (PROGRAM 13)

Michael Jackson: A Case For Innocence, USA, 61min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: A detailed and passionate case against the "findings" of the popular film "Leaving Neverland."

5:00 pm  (PROGRAM 14)

El Perro De Piedra, USA, 6min. / Echo, IRAN, 7min. / Sanctuary, USA, 11min. / Baby Hers, USA, 15min. / Breaking The Chain, USA, 62min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: A beautiful series of films about our best friends, animals, how we interact and how we need to be more protective.

6:30 pm  (PROGRAM 15)

Personhood, USA, 76min. (Film Fund Winner)

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details:  An important reframing of the abortion debate that encompasses the growing system of laws that criminalize and police pregnant women

6:30 pm  (PROGRAM 62)

Planet Of The Humans, USA, 93min. (Palm Desert, RED CARPET Event)

Location: Tristone Theaters

Details:  Festival Organizer says "this is the most important documentary film in a generation."  Join us in Palm Desert for this Red Carpet event.

6:30 pm  (PROGRAM 91)

FREE- Family Fun: Butterfly / Flicker / The Tree / The Opposites Game / Umbrella / Heatwave / Tobi And The Turbobus / The Tree Of Lost Souls

Location: Palm Desert Civic Center Park

Details:  FREE:  A great selection of family-themed animated works, all for FREE at Palm Desert's Civic Center Park

7:00 pm  (PROGRAM 16)

Finding Yingying

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: After a young Chinese student goes missing on a university campus, her family travels to the U.S. for the first time. While unraveling the mystery of her disappearance, they discover how much her life touched others. (FILM FUND WINNER!)

7:30 pm  (PROGRAM 17)

Lulu Dotaway, DENMARK, 7min. / My Father The Mover, RSA, 14min. / Ballet After Dark, USA, 19min. / Exit 12, USA, 24min. / Salsa.Open.Moscow, RUSSIA, 28min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: Have some fun and dance, dance, dance!



9:00 pm  (PROGRAM 18)

Genesis Project, SPAIN, 2min. / Are You Recording, USA, 3min. / Broken Words, USA, 9min. / The Tunnel Theory, USA, 10min. / An Earful, USA, 14min.

Location:  Camelot Theatres

Details:  A cool mix of films about words and listening.

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