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Schedule for Thursday, March 30

AmDocs 2023
Be Our Guest
24 Hour Sunset
The Rail Way Home
The Old Man And The River
One Buck Won't Hurt
Nina And Irene
You'll Be Happier
Zero Trust
Willie's Wings
When I Get Grown
What Do The Dead Want From Us
Welcome To 8th Street
Waves Apart
Walking Two Worlds
Vicious Circle
Ukrainians In Exile
Two The Story Of Roman And Nyro
Two Worlds
The Recall
The Other Side
The Originals
The Moviegoer
The Mels

Palm Springs:  Camelot Theatres at Palm Springs Cultural Center,2300 E. Baristo Road


11:00 am  (PROGRAM 1)

Bourn Kind, USA, 12min. /  Outside Line, USA, 17min. / American Justice On Trial: People V. Newton, USA, 40min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: Some entertaining and socially relevant stories focused on the African-American experience.

11:30 am  (PROGRAM 2)

Dreaming Of A Better Place, USA, 8min. / High Road, USA, 12min / Apayauq, USA, 14min. / En Sus Manos, USA, 16min. / Waves Apart, USA, 25min. / Beyond The Summit, USA, 33min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: There is much more to be experienced in action sports than the sport itself.

12:00 pm  (PROGRAM 3)

Left Behind, USA, 10min. / Kambana, SPAIN, 15min. / Heart Valley, UK, 20min. / Ten By Ten, USA, 29min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: Who knew ethnographic exposés could be so beautiful. 

1:30 pm  (PROGRAM 4)

Light Up Navajo, USA, 12min. / Safe Place, IRAN, 19min. / Bad Hombrewood, MEXICO, 24min. / When I Get Grown—Reflections of a Freedom Rider, USA, 31min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: Justice comes in many different forms as evidenced in these stories.


2:00 pm  (PROGRAM 5)

Jack Has A Plan, USA, 73min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details: The human spirit at its best.


2:30 pm  (PROGRAM 6)

The World Of Mama Butterfly, CHINA, 4min. / Glass Doll, CANADA, 5min. / Fabian "Spade" Debora, USA, 7min. / The Stolen de Kooning: Recovery And Redemption, USA, 8min. / The Sticklet Weaver, USA, 8min. / A Chocolate Lens, USA, 21min. /

Chihuly: Rolle The Dice, USA, 27min.

Location: Camelot Theaters

Details: Lots of cool works about artists and their art.

6:30 pm  (7:00 pm screening, OPENING NIGHT!)

Longhouse, USA, 2min. / Rachel, JAPAN, 3min. / Pete, USA, 7min. / Keeping Time, USA, 17min. / Angel Dose, USA, 26min. / Flightpath, USA, 26min.

Location: Camelot Theatres

Details:  There's always something special about Opening Night!  Expect some music, awards and great films.







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