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Taking On The Traffikers.jpg

Taking On The Traffkers

Valderez defied years of death threats. Van risks his life to mount undercover rescues. Maria escaped sexual slavery and now pursues the traffickers who profit from human misery.

18 min. |  UK  |  Animation

PSCC April 10, 5 pm

Shanshan Chen

The Absent.png

The Absent

Many of us have held a spot for someone special, waiting for their presence at the table. To Henri, this dinner has him prepared for a long time...

5 min. | CANADA | Documentary Short

PSCC April 9, 5 pm

Hao Cheng

The Bataan Death March.jpg

The Bataan Death March

Within hours of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, bombs rained down on U.S. and Filipino forces in the Philippines. After months of vicious fighting in the cities and the jungles, allied forces surrendered only to be met with a brutal death march to P.O.W. camps dotted across the rugged landscape.

15 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Short

PSCC April 10, 7:30 pm

Jesse Collier Sutterley

Tango Through Life.jpg

Tango Through Life

Explore how every interaction with others affects and changes us. It is a rather universal experience, presented in a unique way through the traditional Tango dance.

7 min. |  CANADA  |  Animation

PSCC April 10, 4 pm

Zsofia Opra-Szabo

The American Frontier.jpg

The American Frontier

A look at Hollywood’s depiction of the Old West. With archival footage and scholarly interviews, the film examines the influence of Westerns and how it impacts society through its portrayals of Indigenous people, gun culture, and the idolization of cowboys.

16 min. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC April 7, 11 am

Edward Frumkin

The Beautiful Game.jpg

The Beautiful Game

A small dog who dreams of becoming an international soccer star.

7 min. |  UK | Animation

PSCC April 10, 11:30 am

Kim Raymond

The 5th Man.png

The 5th Man

For 50 years, Paul Limmer was a world class track coach at Long Island’s Mepham High School. He holds NY State’s record for wins with 737. He was inducted into the 2016 New Balance Hall of Fame. Limmer’s true legacy has nothing to do with awards or acclaim. Thousands of former athletes, many of whom never broke a single record or won a solitary trophy, credit him for changing their lives.

70 min. | USA | Documentary Feature

PSCC April 9, 2 pm

Trey Nelson

The Awakening.png

The Awakening Of The Youngsters

On May 16, 2011, the most romantic way of exercising democracy in the hands of the people was experienced in the Spanish streets. It is in this context that the generations that are now resting speak to young people, inviting them to take charge of their lives and be an active part of society in crisis.

10 min. | SPAIN | Documentary Short

PSCC April 7, 11 am

Sergio Garcia Locatelli


The Birds, The Trees & Me


10 min. | ECUADOR | Documentary Short


Alejandro Jayaf

The Black Foxes.jpg

The Black Foxes

On their first anniversary in June 2021, The Black Foxes gathered to celebrate, reflect, and envision the road ahead. Due to the state of the world in 2020, for many of them it was the first time meeting in person.

15 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Short

PSCC April 7, 1:30 pm

B. Monet

The Boat.jpg

The Boat

A boat navigates a tumultuous sea of mushrooms whilst searching for her lost sister ship.

 5 min.|  IRELAND  | Animation

PSCC April 9, 11:30 am

Brian & I

The D.U.M.B Band.jpg

The D.U.M.B. Band Strums Again

The Desert Ukulele Marching Band is an eclectic cast of seniors from the Coachella Valley who defy both age and the odds of competing in one of the Valley's biggest shows... Open Call!

26 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Short

PSCC April 7, 7 pm

Webb Weiman




  |  |

PSCC April ,


The Broken Candle.jpg

The Broken Candle

A broken Hanukkah candle becomes the shamash ("lead candle" of the hanukkiah) on the last night of the Festival of Lights.

9 min. | USA   | Animated Work

PSCC April 10, 11:30 am

Felix Kiner


The Dukha

In the remote taiga of northern Mongolia live the Dukha, one of the last groups of nomadic reindeer herders in the world. Tuvshuu is five years old. He and his sisters help with their family's herd at the summer camp, where there are cool winds and plenty of grass. Their way of life and knowledge of reindeer has been passed down for millennia.

8 min. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC April 9, 2:30 pm

Carmen Morrow, Zach Wolf

The Boat 5.jpg

The Boat #5

An phouc is an 11 years old girl from Vietnam. her pairs of big bright blue eyes attracted many photographers from all around the world to visit her. she is one of the Vietnam tourist attractions icons but despite all that, An Phouc and her family are suffering from poverty and struggling with racism.

7 min.  | IRAN |  Animation

PSCC April 9, 11:30 am

Reyhane Kavosh, Ali Raeis




2 |  |



The Extinction Of Up.jpg

The Extinction Of Up

In the near future, when people only recognize each other by their shoes, two boys discuss weird things that are happening in their lives, including a sibling's accidental weight gain, and a great-grandfather's bizarre revelations about the past..

5 min. | USA | Animation

PSCC April 9, 1:30 pm

Randy Boyum

The Friendliest Small Town In America.jpg

The Friendliest Small Town In America

35 min. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC April 11, 4 pm

Curtis Franklin

Sherman Neal II thought it'd be easy when he wrote a letter asking for the removal of his town's Confederate monument. After the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor had forced the nation to reckon with its troubled past with racism, Neal saw what he thought was the perfect opportunity to call for the removal of the city's infamous monument.

The Jungle Tale.jpg

The Jungle Tale

2 min. | USA | Animation

PSCC April 10, 11:30 am

Henry Zhinin

A group of kids are raised in the heart of the jungle called Paranata by wild animals that adopt and look after them. The jungle kids learn the valuable lessons and laws of the jungle. Overall, they learn that nature is the beauty of life to balance harmony. The kids manage to survive and adapt to the land of the wild. They love to stay in the jungle, but there are mysteries about men’s destruction of nature.

The Last Last Hike.jpg

The Last, Last Hike

20 min. |  USA  | Documentary Short

PSCC April 7, 1:30 pm

Céline François

83-year-old Nimblewill Nomad is about to become the oldest person to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. But he didn’t start at Springer Mountain, Georgia - his trek began on Flagg Mountain in Alabama, the true southern terminus of the Appalachian Mountain Range.

The Great Journey.jpg

The Great Journey

35 min. | France | Documentary Short

PSCC April 9, 4 pm

Juliette Lamboley

Danielle is 90 years old and has a dream: to go on an adventure, from Russia to China, via Mongolia, aboard the Transsiberian. She would have taken this trip with her friend Lina, but she lives in a retirement home.
Juliette, her granddaughter offers to take her there. Danielle jumps at the opportunity to meet women of her age, in each country they pass through.

The Land Of The Griffons.jpg

The Land Of The Griffons

10 min.| ITALY | Documentary Short

PSCC April 9, 2:30 pm

Riccardo Soriano

On the North-western coast of Sardinia lives the last native Italian colony of griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus fulvus).

The Militiaman.jpg

The Militiaman

32 min. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC April 11, 2:30 pm

David Peter Hansen

For over ten years, 48-year-old Iraqi War Veteran and machinist Christian Yingling has commanded a troop of private militiamen and women concerned with the government’s infringement on their constitutional rights.

History Of The Civil War.jpg

The History Of The Civil War

94 min. | RUSSIA  | Documentary Feature

PSCC April 8, 2:30 pm

Nikolai Izvolov

This grandiose cinematic work can be considered one of Vertov’s first author experiments and a steppingstone to his iconic Kino-Pravda series. The discovery and the reconstruction of this unique film is a major event in the history of cinema.

The Last Mile_edited.png

The Last Mile

11 min. | JAPAN | Documentary Short

PSCC April 7, 2:30 pm

Shiho Fukada

Jean Beau spent decades helping the homeless community, in Sanya, Tokyo, a once thriving labor town, today home to thousands of welfare recipients. This film shows the reality of homelessness in Tokyo and a man who found family living among them.

The Old Believers.jpg

The Old Believers

52 min. | RUSSIA | Documentary Feature

PSCC April 8, 5:00 pm

Alena Baklanova

A family of Old Believers from South America returns to their historical homeland in Russia and tries to make their marriage work after 13 years of separations. However, the attempt of a reunion failed while they remain in Russia.

The Other Half Of The Apple.jpg

The Other Half Of The Apple

Dispirited by her latest failed creation, a young girl is revived by another from her past.

3 min.| CHINA | Animation

PSCC April 9, 11:30 am

Huamin Wen

The Runner.JPG

The Runner

A life affirming true story about a man's battle to overcome mental illness, specifically depression and suicide.

7 min. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC April 7, 12 pm & April 10, 4:30 pm

Matthew M. Ferraro

The Soul Of A Farmer.JPG

The Soul Of A Farmer

The farmer instinctively knows what her customers want and need. "She is the Picasso of vegetables," Isabella Rossellini, the international movie star and activist, who is also Patty's landlord, tells us. In one scene, Isabella laughingly says, “Patty encourages me to take her garbage to my animals, but I go through it first, because she throws away things other farmers would sell.”

35 min. | USA  | Documentary Short

PSCC April 10 , 6:30 pm

Roger Sherman

The Rashomon Effect_edited.jpg

The Rashomon Effect

An enduring cultural metaphor that has transformed our understanding of truth, justice, and human memory.

5 min. | USA | Animation

PSCC April 10, 2:30 pm

Jeremiah Dickey




|  |



The Soul Within.jpeg

The Soul Within

Watch the reality of animatior, Lino Di Salvo's life as he reveals how they infuse CGI creations with real human emotions and humour.

21 min. |  ITALY | Documentary Short

PSCC  April 9, 11:30 am

Andrea Vonjako Giacomini

The Relentless One.jpg

The Relentless One

Kathleen Black survived a horrific childhood both as a witness to parental domestic abuse and by becoming homeless at 15 after surviving her own physical and emotional abuse that included her being sent to a psychiatric ward for observation. While these traumas would crush most people, Ms. Black chose to not only survive, but rather insisted on thriving through it all.

40 min. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC April 8, 4:30 pm

M. Douglas Silverstein

The Singing Planet.jpg

The Singing Planet

Throughout all of human history, people have paid meticulous attention to natural sounds, but in our noisy industrial world, these wild voices largely go unheard. From a tiny warbler announcing the awakening dawn, to sibling brown bears growling over fishing rights, to the roar of a calving glacier, the earth offers a rich and varied chorus for those who listen.

39 min. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC April 9, 2:30 pm

Liz McKenzie




|    |



The Walking Man.jpg

The Walking Man

10 min. | CANADA | Documentary Short

PSCC April 9, 4 pm

Anaïsa Visser

An 82-year-old man with a passion for the cosmos has walked the equivalent of nearly four times the Earth's circumference in his senior years.

The Yellow Panther.jpg

The Yellow Panther: Richard Aoki

23 min. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC April 7, 11 am

Orion Huang

The controversial legacy of an Asian American civil rights activist who became a Field Marshall in the Black Panther Party and an informant for the FBI. This is the life of Richard Aoki, the yellow panther.

Time & Temperature.jpg

Time And Temperature

21 min. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC April 11, 11 am

Justin Foreman

An intimate portrait of a unique artist's life, this film follows Maestro Gianni Toso, a lifelong student of glass from Murano, Italy, with 700 years of tradition to his family's name. His one-of-a-kind glassworks are only part of the maestro’s story, as he presents perspectives on life, learning, and passing the torch to the next generation of glassblowers.



4 min. | USA | Animation

PSCC April 9, 4:30 pm

Corrinne James

Follow the story of a cheerleader who gets sucked up into the sky; to the tune of "Track" by the band, Slow Pulp.



5 min. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC April 7, 12 pm & April 10, 4:30 pm

Odin Wadleigh

A brief look at five different sets of twins living in Los Angeles.

The War To End All Wars.jpg

The War To End All Wars

54 min. | USA |  Documentary Feature

PSCC April 10, 7:30 pm

Daniel Bernardi

As the story of trench, chemical and open warfare unfolds, we come to understand how the first global war transformed American society, leading to the Veteran's Administration, while also solidifying the country's parochial past despite the battlefield successes of African American troops.

Thee Who Hesitates.jpg

Thee Who Hesitates

8 min. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC April 8, 12 pm

Kelly Perine

A filmmaker's  own exploration of his journey to getting vaccinated and pondered the question of why African-Americans and people of color are still hesitant to get theirs. Even as the disease continues to spread.



13 min. | MEXICO | Animatio

PSCC April 9, 12 pm

Juan Medina

On his first day of work as a miner, Martin, a cocky teenager will learn the importance of rituals and respect for ancestors.



7 min. | SOUTH AFRICA | Animation

PSCC April 9, 4:30 pm

Marcos Martins, Philip Miller

The music by renowned South African composer, Philip Miller, is a sound collage in which Desmond Tutu’s own voice, interweaves with a traditional Xhosa church hymn, accompanied by the percussive rhythms of feet stamping and prayer book clapping together with an original rap written by the woman rapper and singer, Kanyi Mavi.

Two Superheroes.jpg

Two Superheroes, A Villian & A Baby

27 min. | USA | Animation

PSCC April 8, 9 pm

Randy Schmidt

Stuck in coronavirus lockdown, reluctant roommates Batman, Superman, and Joker are suddenly tasked with raising Wonder Woman's baby.

The Way To Hawassa.jpg

The Way To Hawassa

40 min. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC April 8, 1:30 pm

Eliza Q Hemenway

the journey of a grieving mother, her pastor, and his wife, as they travel from Northern California to an orphanage in Hawassa, Ethiopia. Once there, their story intersects with a little girl named Lantu, whose untimely death results in the opening of a home for orphaned children with disabilities.

There You Are.jpg

There You Are

6 min. | CHINA | Animation

PSCC April 7, 12 pm & April 10, 4:30 pm

Rui Huang

After the death of her mom several years ago, Su feels estranged from her father. In honoring their traditional family camping trip on his birthday, she hopes to reconnect with him. But when her father cancels it in deference to his new girlfriend, Su is forced to deal with her unresolved grief.

To Live And Dire In The Shadows.jpg

To Live And Die In The Shadows

5 min. | USA | Animation

PSCC April 9, 12 pm

Shannon Silva

180 million years ago, through a chance horizontal gene transfer, ferns acquired a much needed light sensor (neochrome) that allowed them to modify and survive in low light environments. We should all be so lucky.

Turn Illness To The Light.jpg

Turn Illness To The Light

5 min. | JAPAN | Lightbeam Competition

PSCC April 8, 11 am

Fusako Yamamoto

The pandemic spreads slowly while people live their daily life. Humans are at the mercy of illness and get confused. At the same time they feel nostalgic for the past which will never return. After the period of confusion, the world will change swiftly and will be wrapped in light. Eventually humans will be part of flowers which blooms brilliantly.

Two Trees In Jerusalem.jpg

Two Trees In Jerusalem

27 min. | CHILE | Animation

PSCC April 11, 11:30 am

Juan Pablo de Gamboa

the remarkable history of Eberhard and Donata Helmrich, who together saved the lives of countless Jews during the Holocaust. The pair worked as a husband-and-wife team in the eye of the storm, in Berlin and the blood-soaked fields of Eastern Europe, devising ever-more daring gambits to save any life they could, even as death surrounded them.

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