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1976: Search For Life

Explore our yearning to bridge the gap: the gap between parents and children, between points in space and between the present and the past.

11 min. | UK | Animation

PSCC  March 23, 5 pm Theatre 3

Tess Martin

A Harvest

A Harvest

In California's Central Valley, an abbey of Trappist Cistercian monks dedicate themselves to lives of poverty, seclusion, and love to find God. They sustain themselves with the work of their own hands by growing grapes and making wine in partnership with a winemaker. The annual grape harvest brings unforeseen challenges that they must overcome together.

59 min.  |  USA  |  Documentary Feature

PSCC March 22, 2:00 pm Theatre 2

Robert Gourley

About A Bowshot Away

About A Bowshot Away

Hayun’s parents decided to become their daughter’s archery coach, even though they lacked prior archery experience. Undeterred, this family persisted in their dedication to archery, culminating in their preparation for the U18 USA National Team qualifying tournament.

14 min. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC March 22, 1:30 pm Theatre 1

Sangsun Choi



A woman and a man are quietly advancing their relationship while eating at a restaurant.

4 min. |  CHINA  |  Animation

PSCC March 22, 2:00 pm Theatre 2

Peiying Wang

A Certain Kind

A Certain Kind (ADULTS ONLY)

Follow a queer porn production company coming together to create a space for healthy, empowering sexual expression.

16 min. |  MEXICO |  Documentary Short

PSCC March 22, 9:00 pm Theatre 2

Gabriel Gutierrez Morales

A Symphony Of Tiny Lights_edited.jpg

A Symphony Of Tiny Lights

In 1971 John Francis, known the world over as ‘Planetwalker,’ witnessed an oil tanker collision in the San Francisco Bay. The sight of oiled birds on the shoreline caused him to give up motorized transport and rely solely on his own two feet. Months after that he took a vow of silence convinced that listening rather than adding fuel to any fire was the way ahead.

27 min.  |  USA  | Documentary Short

PSCC March 24, 4:00 pm Theatre 1

Dominic Gill, Nadia Gill

Accidents & Emergencies

Accidents & Emergencies

After witnessing a fatal car accident, Mischa Jakupcak experienced an acute psychotic episode. She was admitted to the Mermaid Ward, a psychiatric hospital in London. She discovered and reframed her world anew through photos she took with disposable cameras which she smuggled into and out of the psych ward.

2 min. |  UK  |  Documentary Short

PSCC March 22, 4:30 pm Theatre 2

Mischa Jakupcak

A Hand To Hold

A Hand To Hold

In the heart of Los Angeles, two members of an innovative Street Medicine team devote their livelihood to helping their unhoused patients receive care, hope, and connection.

23 min. |  USA |  Documentary Short

PSCC March 25, 1:30 pm Theatre 1

Reed Martin

A.P. Artist's Proof

A.P. (Artist's Proof)

Explore the captivating odyssey of Bae Jaemin, a young Korean artist breaking free from traditional Buddhist art roots to forge a unique path. A.P. emerges as a trailblazer, a testament to artists' spirits and the transformative power of their creations, redefining storytelling through art, one artist's proof at a time.

10 min. |  SOUTH KOREA  |  Documentary Short

PSCC March 21, 2:30 pm Theatre 3

Jyong Kim, Bongmin Kim

Algorithm Takedown

Algorithm Takedown

An animated music video that is commissioned and performed by Hip Hop and Hot Jazz Timpanist, Jonathan Haas aka Jonny H. and the Prisoners of Swing bringing to life the music composed by legendary drummer Lenny White, who recorded and performed with Miles Davis and Chick Corea.

4 min.  |  USA  | Music Video

PSCC March 23, 6:30 pm Theatre 1

Alex Bukovsky

Art & Soul

Art & Soul: A Portrait Of Nancy Noel

As an artist, Nancy could uniquely evoke emotion and kindle inspiration in her collectors. Fans of her work came from all over the United States and beyond to get her signature and be in her presence.

100 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Feature

PSCC March 25, 4 pm Theatre 1

Alex Noël Kosene

Attention Please

Attention Please

A music video that revolves around a young couple in their early 20s, navigating the complexities of their relationship.

4 min.  |  USA  | Music Video

PSCC March 23, 6:30 pm Theatre 1

Sam Azghandi



After being raised in the United States, twenty two year old Mikel is suddenly deported back to Albania. Struggling with his new reality, he tries to find a way out. An ocean apart, his eleven year old American born sister Angela, is left behind and must decide to stay or join her brother. While discovering where they belong, both find something unexpected.

88 min. | ALBANIA, ICELAND | Documentary Feature

PSCC March 24, 7:30 pm Theatre 3

Kreshnik Jonuzi, Sævar Guðmundsson

Black Hat, White Hat

Black Hat, White Hat

Ngo Minh Hieu, aka HieuPC shares his journey from becoming one of the most dangerous hackers in the USA’s cybercriminal history, to his new life purpose after serving his time in jail.

14 min. |  VIETNAM  |  Documentary Short

PSCC March 24 / 25, 11 / 11:30 am Theatre 1 / 2

Paul Vĩ Minh Nguyen, Keshia Hannam

Artem & Eva

Artem & Eva (ADULTS ONLY)

Explore the effects of this world on this young couple and the difficulty for them to make choices at the dawn of adulthood as they survive by working in the world of pornography.

96 min. |  RUSSIIA |  Documentary Feature

PSCC March 23, 9 pm Theatre 2

Evgenoy Milykh

Back To The House Of Tomorrow

Back To The House Of Tomorrow

Perched like a spaceship on a Vista Las Palmas neighborhood hill in Palm Springs (CA), the House of Tomorrow (aka the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway) is a futuristic architectural residence, the most photographed home in Palm Springs. Designed by architect William Krisel for the family of renowned Palm Springs developer Robert Alexander in 1960.

41 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Feature

PSCC March 25, 11 am, Theatre 1

Simcha Shtull

Beyond Normal

Beyond Normal

The incredible journey of professional surfer Becca Speak as she fights her way back to the water after a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

28 min. | USA |  Documentary Short

PSCC March 23, 4:30 pm Theatre 2

Anna Wilder Burns, Jordyn Romero



Life isn‘t equally sunny for all: Karl, a tree less fortunate than the trees around him, finds a chance for social acceptance in a fallen mango. But thanks to a cheeky little monkey, Karl realizes what truly makes him happy.

4 min. |  GERMANY  | Animation

PSCC March 24, 11 am Theatre 1

Michael Dämmig

Astronomy Gastronomy

Astronomy Gastronomy

To make a fruit pie you need the whole universe.

3 min.  | FRANCE | Documentary Short

PSCC March 22, 2 pm Theatre 2

Geneviève Anhoury

Ballet Bodies

Ballet Bodies

Explore black ballet dancers' struggles in the past and the safe spaces they've created as a result.

8 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Short

PSCC March 23, 2:30 pm  Theatre 3

Jordan Taylor Brown

Bird Drone

Bird Drone

A lonely seagull looking for love struggles to accept that his newfound object of affection is a human-operated drone with a limited battery life.

9 min.  |  AUSTRALIA  |  Animation

PSCC March 24, 11 am Theatre 1

Radheya Jang Jegatheva

Bongo Z

Bongo Z And His Watercolor Dreams

Bongo-Z is a man of water. In foul weather, he isn't afraid. Praying to the waves. He finds sobriety in spirituality in a story as transparent as watercolor.

13 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Short

PSCC March 21 / 24,  2:30 / 2:00 pm Theatre 3 / 2

Isabela de la Grana

Born From Dust

Born From Dust: The Art Of Richard Wilks

As an artist delves into his craft, we see how his sculptures evolve to embody his most profound views and passions. Each piece becomes a poignant reflection of the artist's convictions, a visual narrative that speaks to the hearts of all who encounter his work.
Through moments of frustration and elation, setbacks, and breakthroughs

6 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Short

PSCC March 23, 7 pm Theatre 2

Simone Staff, Nick Paskhover

Call Me Mule

Call Me Mule

A man traveling with three mules fights to maintain his nomadic lifestyle in the American West.

77 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Feature

PSCC March 24, 4 pm Theatre 1

John McDonald

Charcoal Brothers

Charcoal Brothers (Fratelli Carbonai)

As Italy lurches to the right, a Malian refugee finds a place amongst a family of charcoal burners in the remote Calabrian mountains.

18 min.. |  USA  |  Documentary Short

PSCC March 21, 2 p.m. Theatre 2

Josh Hughes, Felix Bazalgette

Boundless Imagination

Boundless Imagination

A boy named Simon was immersed in his imaginary world with his self-made toys when he should study and then was caught by his mother.

4 min. | TAIWAN |  Animation

PSCC March 24, 11 am Theatre 1

Tzu-Yu Lin

AmDocs 2024 Laurels



 min. |    |  D

PSCC March 24,m Theatre

Joie Jacoby

Cherubim Novel One

"Cherubim" Novel One

In February 2022, Russia had much more modern combat aircraft, while Ukrainian pilots were doing the impossible in the sky with forty-year-old planes. The 11th Separate Brigade defended the southern direction and halted enemy columns. It was only thanks to the efforts of Ukraine's defenders that they managed to protect their skies and push the enemy aviation out of our country's airspace.

17 min.  |  UKRAINE  |  Documentary Short

PSCC March 25, 2:30 pm Theatre 3

Evgeniy Matvienko



A sweet message about the passage of time, the world changing around you, and family.

4 min. | USA  | Music Video

PSCC March 23, 6:30 pm

Elizabeth P.W.

Cha Cha Charlie

Cha Cha Charlie

Inspired by the birth of his son to become a professional wrestler in his 30s. Cha Cha Charlie is a portrait in fatherhood, passion, inspiration and the drive to pursue a dream, no matter what the age or the pain it inflicts on your body.

7 min. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC March 22, 1:30 pm Theatre 1

Matt Bieler

Circuits And Dreams

Circuits And Dreams

A little robot finds himself in hot oil when he misses work to fulfill his lifelong passion.

5 min. |  USA  |  Animation

PSCC March 22, 2:30 pm Theatre 3

Kelly Schwarze

Clayton Cameron

Clayton Cameron

Dive deep into the connection between rhythm and the dynamics of performance across multiple pillars - mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. Famous in the jazz realm as the "Brush Master", Cameron's career has spanned decades, touring towith Sammy Davis Jr.,Tony Bennett, as well as other jazz legends including George Shearing, Joe Pass, and Joe Williams.

11 min.  |  USA |  Documentary Short

PSCC March 24, 11:30 am Theatre 2

Christopher Leps

Comedy Against The Odds

Comedy Against The Odds

10-year-old Austin Eletto has Aspergers and Autism. He's also an aspiring stand-up comic. Explore the struggle of growing up with labels, and how Austin uses comedy to embrace and overcome them.

30 min.  |  USA  | Documentary Short

PSCC March 23, 4:30 pm Theatre 2

Suzanne Luna

Cowboy Jim

Cowboy Jim

An Iranian-American cowboy wrangles horses and the past on his ranch.

5 min. |  USA  |  Documentary Short

PSCC March 25, 11 am Theatre 1

Jakob Roston

Coach Pancake

Coach Pancake

A former soccer star finds his calling working with 2 to 7 year old children to find their confidence and skills on and off the field.

6 min.  |  USA  |  Documentary Short

PSCC March 22, 1:30 pm Theatre 1

Gabriel Olson

Compton's '22

Compton's '22

Three years before Stonewall, on an unknown date in August 1966, trans sex workers and drag queens in San Francisco's Tenderloin district rioted against police violence at Gene Compton's Cafeteria. There was no news coverage, and the arrest records no longer exist. Decades later, trans historian Susan Stryker unearthed the history of the riot and interviewed the surviving Compton’s Queens.

18 min.  |  USA  | Documentary Short

PSCC March 23, 4:00 p.m. Theatre 1

Drew de Pinto



A single mom from rural Kentucky travels to San Diego to sell her eggs in order to support her two kids, but must grapple with the effect the process has on her body and mind.

14 min. | USA | Documentary Short

PSCC March 24, 2:00 pm,  25th, 12 pm Theatre 3

Anthony Oswald, Pisie Hochheim

AmDocs 2024 Laurels

Coachella Valley Student Films

A selection of shorts by some aspiring filmmakers from across our Coachella Valley.

Love of a Pet

A Life with Meaning

Where I'm From Poem

Power of the People - Chief

Power of the People - Cesar Maldonado Felix

Kuya's Why

Documentary About Life

Ms. G is the G

Power of the People - Matthew Watt

Original Best

A Man Named Earl Dean Barnes

Lunch Lines


45 min.  |  USA  | Documentary Short

PSCC March 23, 4:30 pm Theatre 2


Could You Spell That?

Could You Spell That?

When Nyxie, a young potions apprentice, is faced with a challenging assignment, trial and error help her to uncover the strength of her own magic.

1 min.  |  USA  | Animation

PSCC March 24, 11:00 a.m.

Katie Limentato

AmDocs 2024 Laurels



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