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See some of our past winners (this is not the full list going back due to space) at the American Documentary and Animation (AmDocs) Film Festival in Palm Springs include a variety of filmmakers from diverse backgrounds. From first-time filmmakers to seasoned veterans of the industry, those selected for yearly AmDocs honors have been deserving.


Best Documentary Short -Flightpath, USA, David Grabias

Best International Feature - Motu Haka, FRANCE, Raynald Mérienne

Best International Short - Carpenter, IRAN, Xelîl Sehragerd

Best Animated Short - Pete, USA, Bret Parker

Best Animation Feature Award - Slide, USA, Bill Plympton

Film Fund Winners:  Riley Hooper, Lynne Siefert


Best American Feature - Powerlands, USA, Ivey-Camille Manybeads Tso

Best American Short - Inside The Beauty Bubble, USA, C. Bookout, C.  Gaulke

Best International Feature - Ballet In Tandem, TAIWAN, Wei-Hsin YANG

Best Documentary Short - Ayoungman, CANADA, Larry Day

​Best Animation Short Award - 7lbs., 8oz, USA, Yoo Lee

Film Fund Finalists:  As part of Jihlava International co-awards



Best International Short: "The Siege", RUSSIA, by Andrey Furmanchuk

Best International Short: "The Siege", RUSSIA, by Andrey Furmanchuk

Best International Short Jury Award: "Charlie Surfer", NORWAY, by Pia Strømme


Best National Short: "Meltdown In Dixie", USA, Emily Harrold


Best National Short Jury Award: "The FBI's Secret War", USA, by David Reppond


Best International Feature: "The Neurosurgeon", POLAND, by Magdalena Zagała AND "Hannibal Hopkins & Sir Anthony", FRANCE, by Clara & Julia Kuperberg


Best Domestic Feature: "White Noise", USA, by Daniel Lombraso


Best Domestic Feature Jury Award: "My Name Is Lopez", USA, P. David Ebersole, Todd Hughes


Best Animated Short: "Reign Of The Umbrella Man", USA, by Eric Fisher AND "To The Dusty Sea", FRANCE, by Héloïse Ferlay


Best Animated Work Jury Award: "Oxygen", BELGIUM, by Rocky Grispen, Violette Belzer AND "The Credits Movie", USA, Jeffrey Askin


Film Fund Pitch Winners "Only In Theatres" by Raphael Sbarge AND "Exodus Stories" by Ilse Fernandez AND "El Oaxaqueño" by David Zlutnick.


2020 - No formal winners due to Covid Restrictions


Best American Feature - KIFARU


Best International Feature - DEFEND, CONSERVE, PROTECT

Best International Short - CRICKET LIU

International Jury Award - LINE

Best Animation Short Award - GIRL IN THE HALLWAY

Audience Favorite Short - SPACE TO EXPLORE

Film Fund Pitch Winners

Finding YingYing / Take One Shot / This Is National Wake


Special Awards


Seeing the Bigger Picture Award - Julie Cohen

Rozene Supple Humanitarian Award - Sacheen Littlefeather

Sadie Katz Award for Hustle - M. Douglas Silverstein, The Weight of Success




Best American Feature - CHURCH & STATE



U.S. Special Jury Award (Short) - THE GIRL AND THE PICTURE

International Special Jury Award (Short) - THEA


International Special Jury Award (Feature) - TO VALHALLA

U.S. Feature - MANRY AT SEA

International Feature - MY LIFE WITHOUT AIR

International Short - BLACK MAMBAS

Audience Favorite Short - ON MY WAY OUT: The Secret Life Of Nani And Popi

Best Animated Short - The Likes and Dislikes of Marj Bagley


Audience Favorite Feature - THE PUSH

Film Fund Pitch Winners

Lights, Camera, Uganda / Hurdle / Represent

Special Awards

​Seeing The Bigger Picture Award - LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner

Rozene Supple Humanitarian Award -  George Takei

Sadie Katz Award for Hustle - Greg Thompson, Becoming Marilyn


Film Fund Pitch Winners

Roar of the Lion Cub / Refusing to Ghost / Manry at Sea / The Judge


Film Fund Pitch Winners

United Skates / The Penny Black / Becoming April March


Film Fund Pitch Winners

The Surrounding Game / The Most Fearless / Encounter


Audience Favorite - Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago

Audience Favorite - Do You Know What My Name Is?

Audience Favorite - Dance For Me


Film Fund Pitch Winners

Power of Pearl / The Spark / Beerato - The Land of Woman


Audience Favorite - I Stand Corrected


Film Fund Pitch Winners

American Bear / Dead Man Rockin' / The Trials of Muhammad Ali

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