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The 2022 American Documentary and Animation Film Festival will kick off its 11th annual event with a new, documentary that honors the great director, Roger Corman. The screening is set for the Camelot Theatres at the Palm Springs Cultural Center, Thursday, April 7, 7 pm,  noted AmDocs Director and Founder, Teddy Grouya.


Grouya has selected, Roger Corman, The Pope Of Pop Cinema, an independent film from French filmmakers Bertrand Tessier (Director) and Myriam Brough (Producer)  (filmmakers in attendance with special guests )


Roger Corman authored fifty movies and produced four hundred. He has been called the king of B movies, the pope of pop cinema. He ventured through every so-called “minor” genre: noir, western, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Even better, he was able to renew those genres and adapt them to his time: the famous Sixties and Seventies that crushed the conformist mindset of the American society.


Through his impressive filmography, Corman laid the foundations of what was to be known as “pop culture”. King of the rustlers, amazing do-it-yourselfer, ace of low-budgets, he was able to wrap up a whole movie in less than a week and he always steered clear of major Hollywood studios. Eager to preserve his artistic, economic and political freedom, he has never bowed to any rule. He has always lived as a free man.


He was indie before the label was invented. A trail-blazing pioneer, he was a model for a generation of directors. Many award-winning directors moved their first steps while working for him, from Francis Coppola to Ron Howard, including Peter Bogdanovich, Martin Scorsese, and Joe Dante. He influenced the New Hollywood and contemporary moviemaking to such an extent that the term “Corman school” was coined after him. In this documentary, it’s Corman himself who tells his own story, counterpointed by a number of interviews with the directors he trained and inspired.




Past AmDocs Opening Night Gala guests have included the likes of 5-time Grammy winner Dionne Warwick, Oscar-winning Director Oliver Stone, Emmy-winning host of The Amazing Race Phil Keoghan, legendary actor George Takei, Oscar-nominated Director Julie Cohen, and Native American activist and Oscars legend Sacheen Littlefeather, among others.


About the filmmaker: 

Bernard Tessier was boorn in Nantes, France.  Bertrand is an author and filmmaker. He has directed 20 documentaries, most of them are dedicated to cinema.


Honoring Roger Corman
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