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"One of my favorite film festivals ... a filmmaker-friendly festival filled with inspiring films, talented filmmakers, and insightful panels... plus nightly events hosted for filmmakers to meet, eat, and greet. All that and you can't beat Palm Springs during this season. Can't wait to submit my next film!"


@ByPatrickGreen / Twitter

Patrick Green

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"AmDocs is professionally organized, provides amazing host families, and has relevant panels. This was my 2nd time screening films at AmDocs & I always feel so welcome & valued as a filmmaker. Thank you & your team for your hospitality while attending both festivals. Palm Springs is a lovely city."


Michelle Carpenter


"Had a fantastic time at AmDocs in sunny, beautiful Palm Springs. [Festival Director] Teddy [Grouya] and the rest of the team are so welcoming and made us feel at home. Also great meeting other filmmakers and being inspired by their films. A must go-to!"


@kjonuzi51 / Instagram

Kreshnik Jonuzi


"It was so lovely to be included in this festival. It was inspiring to see other impactful documentaries and meet other filmmakers in the community. Thanks for having it in a gorgeous sunny location. What a pleasant relief from the NYC winter! Thank you!"


@AliyaNaumoff / Twitter

Aliya Naumoff


"AmDocs was a great experience! We had a lot of fun screening our short animation here. The community really turns out to support the screenings & Palm Springs makes for a beautiful & fun festival getaway. Strongly recommended to my fellow filmmakers!"


@trstanto / Instagram

Taylor Stanton


"We loved screening at AmDocs. It was the premiere of our film and we loved to see people come out for it. The festival was organized and had filmmaker social events, which was nice. Overall it was a great experience. Would love to screen here again!"


@jamievwheeler / Instagram

Jamie Wheeler


"I had a great time at AmDocs. The programming and organization were top notch, and the festival team took great care of the filmmakers. By far the best festival experience I've had."


@BenTobin / Twitter

Ben Tobin


"AmDocs was a great experience. The venue was beautiful, maximizing the experience of the film. All involved were more than kind and hospitable. I was screened with a film that had a similar topic to mine, which created a wonderful networking experience."


@rowemolina / Instagram

Angelique Molina


"The fest has become renowned for its film fund competition, including a top prize of up to $50,000. ... AmDocs also has a documentary alliance with several festivals (notably in Europe and Latin America), thus facilitating a global “theatrical release” experience for select films."


MovieMaker Magazine

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